Signal Boost: Broadhead Brewing Company

On my latest trip to Ottawa to visit the family, I stopped by Broadhead Brewing Company to try and buy some local beers. The brewery is tiny – it’s basically a mash tun, a boil kettle, and two fermentors in a small warehouse. The one guy who was working that day was very helpful and patient with all of my questions about sanitizing (apparently they have to lower a guy into the kettle to scrub the insides before sanitizing). 

Oh, and the beer is delicious, obviously. 

I tried a few of the beers, but my favourite was the one pictured above – Underdog. (Okay, all the bottles look the same, but that is actually the one I am drinking out of RIGHT NOW. Picture taken on my balcony.) It’s their hoppiest beer, which at 41.2 IBU isn’t really all that hoppy by my IPA-addict standards. It’s awesome anyway though, a perfect mix of malty-sweet and hoppy-bitter.

Their beers are available at a few dozen pubs all around Ontario. You can find them listed at their website, If you happen to be in Ottawa, you can also head down to the brewery itself on Auriga Drive and buy the beer 1.89 litre bottles. The bottles are $15, including a $4 deposit – meaning that if you come back with your old bottle, your next one is only $11. It’s well worth it.